Going with us to visit the Nordic countries is not just a trip abroad – it is a journey into some of the best functioning societies of the world, a journey that will help you and your child to develop yourselves as human beings and alter your view on life.

Through our active and Nordic tours we invite our guests to take part in many of the things that make life in the Nordic countries great, like the culture, the food and the respect between human beings. Also when it comes to business, Denmark belongs in the very top. The high level of trust between people in the Nordic countries is said to have been passed down from the time of the Vikings, and is a major influence of the business culture of the Nordic countries.

Our tour themes help foster the children’s creativity, problem-solving skills and leadership skills. Later in life, the children who have participated in our educational tours, summer camps and study tours, can take the skills they have learned with us and use them in their professional and private approach to life. Another great source of happiness in the Nordic countries is our approach to life.

Join us and Step into the North.

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